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The Logo Design Competition has been successfully completed. All winning entries are now available for viewing.

Lantau is the largest island in Hong Kong, which has evolved into a place of diversity. Apart from housing, infrastructure and tourism developments, there are also traditional villages, beautiful country parks and natural scenery. With the economic development of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region and the completion of major infrastructure works in the surrounding areas, Lantau will become an important gateway to the PRD, one of the fastest growing economic regions in the world.

The HKSARG is actively pursuing short, medium and long-term measures on economic, housing, social, conservation, recreation and tourism developments in Lantau. Under the planning vision of balancing conservation and development, we aim at capitalising on the benefits brought by its locational advantages and strategic infrastructures in the vicinity, so as to foster sustainable development of Hong Kong.

Objective of Competition

In this Competition, the theme of the logo design is "Development and Conservation of Lantau”. We hope the logo design will help convey the message of creating an ideal living space for Lantau, while emphasising and strengthening conservation of the natural environment and maintaining nature's ecological balance. Through the provision of recreational facilities, housing and infrastructure developments, Lantau will bring new opportunities and become an ideal place for people and nature to blend in with each other.

Through the Competition, we hope that the public could come up with an innovative logo design which can express the theme precisely and concisely. At the same time, we would like to raise the public awareness and understanding of the planning vision of Lantau. The Competition also provides an opportunity to recognise locals for their original design talents.

The winning entries may be used for the publicity programme of Lantau's development and conservation.